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"Our first experience with Atty. Zola was nothing short of utmost professionalism and dedication. The treatment we received made it easy for us to choose Zola Law Offices to represent us in any future cases. We have always been treated courteously by all the staff and our concerns were immediately and efficiently addressed."

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Eichhorst

"You represented me in a relocation trial about three years ago and I never had the opportunity to thank you for everything you did to win my case for me...You told me from the start that this, relocation was going to be a battle. You never once mislead me to think I was going to win. Every time we met you went over everything and explained how it was going to work. We went all the way to the Superior Court in Harrisburg. In the end, with your hard work and determination to win this case for me, I was eventually granted permission to move. You were dedicated to this case from the start. You spent many hours going through other court cases like mine to show me what we were having to prove.Your skills in the court room amazed me. You were able to prove to the judges that I was the best parent for Cole, and this move would substantially improve the life of both of us. You always looked out for the best interest of Cole. Thank you for your dedication."

Casey Kufro Wilson
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